Poster Presentation
Poster Presentation
Biography :

Eriko Sunaga is enrolled in the master course of International University of Health and Welfare graduate school of nursing Tokyo, Japan and is working as a nurse at the head and neck tumor center of Mita Hospital.

Abstract :

Introduction Many reports indicate that treatment evaluation of head and neck cancer therapy should include both survival rate after treatment and patient QOL. Recent studies have increasingly included reports of QOL in head and neck cancer patients. However, few studies have examined the QOL of laryngectomized patients in detail. In this study, comparison were conducted on similarity and differences in the 2 groups having different elapsed years after the operation. Methods Subjects completed EORTC QLQ-C30, EORTC QLQ-H&N35, and questionnaire surveys. Subjects were divided into groups with <3 or ?3 years after laryngectomized patients. Results Sixty-two subjects (79.4%) completed the questionnaire. Thirty-one subjects (64.6 [range, 60.0-71.0] years) were in the <3 years after surgery group; the other 31 subjects, (68.9 [range, 65.0-71.0] years) were in another group over 3 years after surgery.?Swallowing had a positive correlation with all items (hn5) (hn6) (hn7) (hn8) for patients in both groups. Sense problems had a strong positive correlation with all items for patients in both groups. Speech problems had a especially for patients in the <3 years after surgery groups. Trouble with social eating was positively correlated with trouble eating (hn19), eating in front of family (hn20), and eating in front of others (hn21) in both groups. There was a strong correlation among these 3 items in the ?3 years after surgery groups. Trouble with social contact had a strong correlation with trouble going out in public (hn27) in the <3 years after surgery group. Less sexuality was strongly correlated with all items (hn29, hn30) for both groups. Conclusion There was a correlation between sense problems and less sexuality for laryngectomized patients, regardless of postoperative years. Speech problems and Trouble with social contact showed correlations only for patients in the ?3 years after surgery group. Ethics and Dissemination Ethical approval has been granted by Ethics Committees of the hospital and International University Health and Welfare(5-16-13)

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