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Interventions of Health System in Patient Care Delivery during Covid 19 Crisis
- Health 2021

Welcome Note

Allied Academies Welcomes you to the 4th International Conference on Healthcare and Health Management scheduled during March 07-082022 at Edinburgh, Scotland.

In this day and age, it is imperative we can sustain and empower the scientific exchange on knowledge,latest technology and their implications in our society.

It is a significant privilege to have the chance to welcome every one of the Health Care and Health Management Doctors,Scientists, Experts, Researchers, Academicians, Industry Professionals,Students and other partnered people to the 4th series of Health Care and Health Management meeting whichfame's the past, admires the present and frames the future. 

Join us for the twointriguing days of the gathering at the city of Edinburgh to share and explorea detailed scientific knowledge onadvances and developments with new headways and improvements. 

Your vision today couldbe a reality tomorrow!


Sessions of the Conference

Session 1: Public Health and Epidemiology

Epidemiology givesa detailed account on the study of the incidence, distribution and determinantsof diseases in specified populations and possible control of health problems. It is the main aspect that is the root of public health,which implies the coordinated endeavors of society to prevent infection and toadvance wellbeing.This meeting will examine the importance and effect of the study of diseasetransmission in health care.This discussion will hold presentations on:

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The part of study thatplays the vital role in improving and accomplishing value in wellbeing for allindividuals over the entire world and is likewise worried about the problemsrelated to the efficiency, effectiveness and behavior of economics inthe production and consumption of healthcare system. The agencies associated with the global health financial matters are World HealthOrganization (WHO), World Food Program (WFP) and United Nations International Children's EmergencyFunds(UNICEF).

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Session 3: Mental Health and Psychology

Mentalhealth is one's psychologicalwell-being and the level of one's emotional balance. It is the way one thinks, feels, and acts.It also decides how we handle pressure and settle on ordinary decisions. Mental health is significant at each phase of life, fromearly years through adulthood and decides our IQ and EQ. Hence forth, we talkabout the psychiatry disorders in this session. Thisdiscussion will hold presentations on:

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Session 4: General Surgery

A general surgeon has anideal knowledge on surgicalstrategies that primarily thinks on wide regionlike lungsheartliverpancreasgallbladder and stomach. General surgery is the premiseof knowledge and experience in pathologyphysiologyanatomyimmunology, the study of disease transmission and in clinicalcare domains. In this session, we will explore the mostrecent innovations in medical procedure by the driving addresses of expertsurgeons from different countries. This discussion will holdpresentations on:

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Session 5: Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Gynecology and Obstetrics in medical care is the study of female reproductive system. Obstetrics deals with pregnancy and labor, though gynecology is a vast field of studythat covers women  well-being and treating conditions that impact thefemale reproductive organs. Thus, it isa medical specialty that is enthusiastic about centering thewomen's reproductive health during pregnancy and childbirth. Specialist takes care of the overallprosperity of ladies, pregnancypredisposition and neonates carepre-birth screening and testing, and hereditary qualities.Thisdiscussion will hold presentationson:

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Oncology isthebranch of medicine which deals with the identification,diagnosistreatmentand prevention of cancer.Every organ in the bodycan fall prey to cancer. The discussion on oncology is and its diagnosis andtherapy are indispensable. The latest study of cancer includes three majorareas:

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Session 7: Organic farming - Consumer Health

Organic farming isan agricultural technique, where crops are cultivated using naturally occurringfertilizers like green manure, cow or horse manure, poultry manure, bone mealmushroom manure,and compost. The process involves mixed cropping, crop rotation, companionplanting. Organic farming encourages soil management by maintainingsoil fertility, crop diversity, weed control.The main focus of organic
farming isthe prohibition of synthetic fertilizers that result in losing soil fertility.Products produced by organic farming are more nutritionalfresh,and healthier than those produced using syntheticfertilizers. Organicfarming is now practiced in many parts of the world.

Related associations: InternationalPlantNutrition Institute | SoilScienceSociety of America |  American SocietyofAgronomy | American SocietyofPlant Biologists | American SocietyofHorticultural Science | American SocietyofPlant Taxonomy | WeedScienceSociety of America | HorticulturalResearchInstitute | NationalAssociationof Plant Breeders | InternationalWeedScience Society | Society forEcologicalRestoration | InternationalPlantNutrition Institute | AssociationofOfficial Seed AnalystsSoilScienceSociety of America.

 Session 8: Cardiology and Heart Stroke

Cardiology is a medical specialty concerned with disorders ofthe heart. Here in this session,we deal with the diagnosis and treatment of such medical conditions such as congenital heart defectscoronary artery disease, electrophysiologyheart failure and valvular heart disease. This session will throw light on:

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The subspecialty of theinternal medicine focuses mainly on the diagnosis and the management of infections.The practice of infectious disease involves many different models. The infectiondisease practice is either dedicated to the particular infectionorinvolved with the general medicinal practice.

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Session 10: Diabetes and Metabolism

A group of metabolic disorders characterized by a highblood glucose level over a prolonged period of time and iscommonly known as DiabetesDiabetes is due to either the pancreas not producing sufficient insulin, or the cells of the body notresponding properly to the insulin produced.

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Session 11: Oral Health and Dentistry

Subdivision of medication that comprises of the studydiagnosisprevention and treatment of disordersdiseases and conditions of the oral cavityDentistryisn't restricted to teeth yet incorporates otheraspects of the craniofacialcomplex. The historical backdrop of dentistry is nearly as antiquated as the historicalbackdrop of humankind and development with the earliest proof.

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Session 12: Crop Nutrition

The crop needs certain chemical compounds and elements necessaryfor its metabolism, growth, and external supply. They obtainboth macro and micronutrients from the soil for their development.Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium are the three main nutrients and also need other nutrients like magnesium, copper, calcium, sulfur, andzinc in trace amounts. Plants absorb these nutrients through their roots and leaves. Lack of these nutrients may lead to the deterioration of the plant’s entire life cycle because eachelement is a part of the crop’s metabolism.

Related associations: American Society of Plant Biologists; International Plant Nutrition Institute| Soil ScienceSociety of America |American Society of Agronomy | American Society of Plant researchers | American Society of HorticulturalScience | American Society of Plant Taxonomy | Weed ScienceSociety of America | Horticultural Research Institute | NationalAssociation of Plant Breeders | International Weed Science Society | Society forEcological Restoration | International Plant Nutrition Institute | Association ofOfficial Seed Analysts | Soil Science Society of America.

Session 13: Dermatology

Dermatologyisthe specialization of medication which manages the aesthetic and clinical needs ofthe skin. It is the primary lineof guard against microbes and injury, and frequentlyreflects overall health.This meeting will cover the wide scope of illnessesconditions and treatment of hairskin and nails.This discussion willhold presentations on:

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Session 14: Ophthalmology and Eye Diseases

Ophthalmologyisa part of medication dealing  with the diagnosistreatment and prevention of illnesses of the eye and visual system.Eye,the visual organ of the body is sensitive and fundamental.This session throwslight on the recent advancements and research in ophthalmology
andoptometric here.This discussion will hold presentations on:

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Session 15: Primary Care in Nursing

The role isto deal with the health issues of individuals locally. The furtherdeveloped medical care system says that the nursesare effortlessly fit to address the issues of individualsin context of primary healthcareNursing care delivery accentuatesthe care and responsibility of the patients throughouttheir stay in the particular department or unit.

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Related Associations: World Medical Association(WMA) | MedicalTechnology Association (MTA) | AustralianHealthcare and HospitalsAssociation (AHHA) | AlbertaMedical Association (AMA) | EuropeanMedical Student’s Association (EMSA)

Session 16: Paediatrics

Pediatricsisthe division of medication which deals with the health  and clinical considerationof babieskidsadolescents from birth up to the age of 18. The objective of the investigationof Pediatrics is to control the spread of irresistiblesicknessdecline baby and child death rates, advance sound ways of life for a long illness free life andassist with facilitating the issues of kids and youths with chronic conditions.This discussion will hold presentations on:

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Session 17: Neurology and its Disorders

The disorder of nervous system thatprompts the inconsistencies in BrainSpinalcordNervesand other parts of thebody. This further result in a wide range of side effects like ParalysisMuscle shortcomingLoss of sensation and many other. The intercession of healthcare depends on the essential area of the problem and furthermore incorporatesthe primitive measures, Neuro rehabilitationPain management and other therapy

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Session 18: Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine and dresses the care of both recreational and professional athletesSports medicine that focuses on the anticipation and treatment of athletic wounds and the plan of activity and nourishment programs for maintaining peak physical performance. To discover the new on-going projects of Sports Medicine, join your peers at Health 2021.

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HealthcareManagement, also referred to as healthcare administration, is the oversight of healthcare systems, hospitals public health systems, whole medical facilitiesor hospital networks other. It is difficult to run a hospital without the Healthcare management experts. Thus, let us talk about the administration aspectsof a Healthcare in this session.

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                                                                                  Session 20: Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is a term that describes medical treatments that are used instead of traditional (mainstream) therapies. Some people also refer to it as“integrative,” or “complementary” medicine. More than half of adults in the United States say theyuse some form of alternative medicine. But exactly what types of therapies are considered alternative? The definition changes as doctors test and move more ofthem into the mainstream.

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Related Associations: World Medical Association (WMA)| Medical Technology Association (MTA) | AustralianHealthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA)| Alberta Medical Association (AMA) | European Medical Student’sAssociation (EMSA)

Session 21: MedicinalPlants

Medicinal plants areused all around the world as traditional medicine or as an alternative for allopathic medicines. Several plants produce phytochemicals and secondarymetabolites with more medicinal values that can be used for pharmacological purposes. Alkaloids, flavonoids, polyphenols are some ofthe phenolic compounds produced by plants. These medicinal plants show promising solutions for various health issues like cough, fever, asthma, throat infections,stomachache, headache, indigestion, and so on. They also have anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antisepticproperties. Worldwide, many research works have beengoing on medicinal plants and their properties to cure diseases.

Related Associations: Society forEcological Restoration | Soil Science Society of America | American Society ofAgronomy | American Society of Plant Biologists | American Society of PlantTaxonomy | Horticultural Research Institute | National Association of PlantBreeders | Society for Economic Botany | Weed Science Society of America |International Weed Science Society | International Plant Nutrition Institute |American Society of Horticultural Science | Society of economic plants.

Past Conference Report

We would like to express a great appreciation to all the plenary speakers and participants joined thisinternational network and visited Prague, to make their deposit by theirelegant speeches, exciting and interesting discussions at the unique atmospheremade Health 2019 asuccessful and splendid event.

AAC hosted 3rd InternationalConference on Healthcare and Health Management during November 4-5, 2019 at Prague,Czech Republic based on the theme “A Global Review and Forecaston Healthcare Management”.

Health 2019 wasmarked with multiple sessions, keynote presentations and panel discussions. Wereceived copious involvement and response from young and brilliant researchers,business delegates and talented communities who made this Conference as one ofthe most successful and productive events in 2019 from AAC.

Health 2019 startedwith the welcome and opening remarks of the conference host and the proceedingsalso went through interactive sessions and panel discussions. The meeting wascarried out through different sessions, in which the discussions were held onthe following major scientific topics:

The conference carriedout by various scientific-sessions and plenary lectures in which the followingSpeakers were highlighted as Keynote speakers:

Following on from the success of the third seriesof Health conference, we are well pleased to announce our nextseries 4th International Conference on Healthcare and Health Management  which is going to heldduring March 7-8, 2022 at Edinburgh, Scotland.

Health 2021 Conference will continue to showcasethe most crucial issues in healthcare and their relation to the future ofmedical and broad healthcare leadership and management.

Amsterdam Health Conference is organized over the theme “Interventions of HealthSystem in Patient Care Delivery during Covid 19 Crisis”. The courses ofthis conference are presented in various session formats for engaging aneducational experience, such as clinical case presentations, interactiveworkshops, poster and oral presentations, Young Research Forum, debates andproduct exhibitions.

The participants of Health 2021 Conference will have the opportunityto learn with the other fellow partners about the future opportunities andchallenges in healthcare, participate in interactive workshops toimprove their leadership effectiveness; can network with healthcare partners across all specialties and careerstages and can share, discuss solutions to improve healthcare provision in their workstation.

Let us meet againat Edinburgh! 


Market Analysis

The global healthcare system is in constant state of disruptive transformation. Emerging trends in the healthcare sector are all set to leverage the benefits of cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence(AI), three-dimensional (3D) imaging, and healthcare IT to enhance care delivery, and reduce healthcare costsGlobal health care expenditures are expected to increase from 2.4% to 7.5% between 2015 and 2020 that is equal to the market value of US $7 trillion to the US $8.7 trillion respectively.

The requirement for healthcare is set to grow rapidly over the medium to long-term. Between 2015-2050, the total worldwide population will grow by 7.3 billion to 9.7 billion. Population growth is currently at 0.8% per annum for 2010 to 2020, faster than any other decade in recent history. This means the requirement of medicine and healthcare is also increasing. The healthcare system should be ready to face this demand. The global market for medical imaging instruments should grow from $32.6 billion in 2017 to $42.1 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 5.3% for the period of 2017-2022. This is a promising factor as medical diagnosis is based majorly on imaging techniques.

When we move forward to care and therapy, the global market for elder care technologies should grow from $5.7 billion in 2017 to $13.6 billion by 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.2% from 2017 through 2022. Chronic disease management comprises a defined set of interventions mainly aimed at providing high-quality healthcare and a better quality of life to patients. The growing invasion of chronic diseases along with the increasing awareness about the consequences of life-threatening diseases is estimated to drive the global chronic disease management market growth in the future. Chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disordercancer, and neurological disorder, are creating the demand for solutions that can deliver the services to improve patient health at a relatively lower and affordable cost.

About 17.5 million people died from cardiovascular disorders in 2015, i.e., 31% of all the global deaths. The chronic disease management market is divided into arthritis, cardiovasculardiseasecancer, and diabetesCardiovascular diseases held the largest market share in 2017.

•         North America is anticipated to dominate the chronic disease management market globally over the forecast time period.

•         Europe is another prominent region in the chronic disease management market.

•        The Asia Pacific is anticipated to demonstrate the fastest growth rate in the chronic disease management market over the forecast time frame, owing to the region’s thriving healthcare industry due to a large   population base, especially in India, China, and Japan.

•      The Middle Eastern and African region is dealing with resource constraint issues in the healthcare industry and might find it difficult to implement chronic disease management services properly, thereby   showing slow growth in this market in the future.

List of few Healthcare associations in World:

•         World Medical Association

•         Medical Technology Association

•         Australian Healthcare & hospitals association

•         Alberta Medical Association

•         European Medical student’s Association

•         National Medical Association

•         American Medical Association

•         The International Association of Healthcare Professionals

•         International Federation of Medical Students Associations

Medical & Health Science Universities around the Globe:

•         Johns Hopkins University

•         Stanford University

•         Mc Gill University

•         University of Kentucky

•         University College Dublin

•         University of South Florida

•         Globe University

•         Indiana University

•         New Castle University

•         The University of Edinburgh

•         George Town University

•         Oklahoma State University

•         The College of Health Care Professions

•         Oregon Health & Science University

•         University of Bristol

•         Harvard University

•         Cambridge University

•         Queen Mary College of London

•         Imperial College London

•         Monash University

•         University of Sydney

•         University of Melbourne

•         Deakin University

•         University of Queensland

•         Tasmania University


Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Ivana Haluskova Balter
French society of immunology
Paris, France
OCM Member
Alireza Heidari
American International Standards Institute (AISI)
New York, USA
OCM Member
Marcel Mozafari
President , Senior Formulation Scientist, pharmaceuticals
Melbourne, Australia
OCM Member
Dr Alejandro De la Parra Solomon
Executive Board Member of WAMS
WAMS(The World Academy of Medical Sciences)
Mexico, Mexico
OCM Member
Susanna Uusmaa
CEO & Co-Founder, Biomedical
Quantum Brain Research Institute
Tallinn, Estonia
OCM Member
Rowena Clark
CEO and Founder, food science
Hi Fresh Co.
Auckland, New Zealand
OCM Member
Ilie Vasiliev
Senior Vice President, Medical Sciences
WAMS(The World Academy of Medical Sciences)
Mexico, Mexico
OCM Member
Senay Simsek
Department Head and Dean's Chair, Food Science
Purdue University
West Lafayette, USA
OCM Member
Michael J. Powell
Chief Scientific Officer at DiaCarta, Inc
DiaCarta, Inc
California, USA
OCM Member
Dr. Oscar Fornas
Head of CRG and UPF Flow Cytometry Unit, Flow Cytometry Unit
Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
OCM Member
Marcel Van Berkel
CEO, BioBased Delta
VanBerkel Consultancy
Antwerpen, Belgium
OCM Member
Magnus S. Magnusson
Emeritus Research Professor
University of Iceland
Iceland, Iceland
OCM Member
Hadi Erfani
Chemical Engineering
Payame Noor University
Tehran, Iran
OCM Member
Dr.Annette C Bentley
American Celiac Society
West Lafayette, USA
OCM Member
Dr B. Venkata Ratnam
Calicut University
Calicut, India
OCM Member
Hideo Nakayama
Chief Dermatologist in Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital , Dermatology
Meguro Chen Dermatology Clinic
Beijing, China
OCM Member
Saurav Bhowmik
professor, Healthcare management
D.Y .Patil University India
Mumbai, India
OCM Member
Dean &Vice Dean, Home Economic Department
Kaferelsheikh University
cairo, Egypt

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Highlights from last year's Convention

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