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A Global Review and Forecast on Healthcare Management
- Health 2019

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Welcome back to the 2nd International Conference on Health Care and Health Management slated on April 08-09, 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland.

This year with the innovative theme - “A Global Review and Forecast on Healthcare Management", which aims to address the big challenges that the world is facing in the arena of health, medicine, pediatrics, mental health, nursing and 
healthcare management which holds eminent professionals in the field of Health Care and Health Management.

Health 2019 Conference is the rostrum of Renowned medical scientists, Doctors, Researchers, Nurses, Physicians, University Professors, Research Scholars, and medical students and which consists of Plenary talks, Keynote Sessions, Oral and Poster Presentations, Exhibitions and many more to acquire the knowledge, share your research expertise and receive name recognition and Certificates signed by our world-class eminent organizing committee.

Join us for the two thought-provoking days of the conference which will be the best opportunity and offer a detailed scientific knowledge of technologies and innovations with new developments

We encourage you to take part and hope the conference will inspire you and results in deciphering knowledge both in the sessions and during the many planned opportunities to socialize throughout the conference.

Share advice, stories and case reports. Build rapport and alliances.

We look forward to seeing many people from around the world to attend the Health Conference and expand academic and business exchange here in Zurich.

Organizing Committee Members
Health 2019


If you have any questions or queries about registration, contact: Jennifer Jones at +44-203-769-1755 or at

Health 2019 Highlights

A strong health care system is central to improve the health of individuals and, in particular, tackling inequalities in health. Health care plays the central role in the clear direction for the future development of health system. Health care research is an integrative field of experimental investigation that studies how social factors, health information technologies, organizational structures, and individual behavior of the people affect the approach to health care, the quality and cost of health care, and ultimately, our health and well-being.

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Session on: Epidemiology           

The Epidemiology of human correspondence is advantageous and provoking filed. It has a key role in protecting public health and can provide data for developing new medicines for a particular disease. The data that epidemiologists collect comes from the answers provided by people participating in an epidemiology study. The primary focus of epidemiological research was on infections and deficiencies.  The research in Epidemiology and public health sciences study how the environment, lifestyle and genetic factors that affect health and helps us to understand how different people have a disease or disorder, and how the disorder affects our human well-being and the economy

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Session on: Occupational and Safety Health       

Work plays an essential role in people's lives, Therefore, work environments should be safe and healthy. Yet this is not the case for many workers. Every day workers all over the world are faced with a throng of health hazards. Occupational health and safety relates to health, safety, and welfare issues in the workplace and encompasses the social, mental and physical well-being of workers. Therefore, Long-term exertions in occupational health and safety must be planned in order to avoid industrial accidents and disorders, and simultaneously recognize the workplace, relation between worker health and safety and the surroundings outside the workplace.

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Session on: Nursing in Health Care

Health Care nurses maintain the definition of health by supporting the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. They maintain health as a human right and see economic and social development as essential to the attainment of health for all. They witness the promotion and protection of health, including the reduction of social elimination and imbalance in health, as having positive effects on economic and social development and on world peace. Healthcare nurses see the cooperation of people as a group or individually in planning and achieving their health care as a human right and duty. Healthcare nurses acknowledge the honour, culture, values, beliefs, and rights of individuals or groups.

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Session on: Health Care Paediatrics

Health Care and Paediatrics are professions of a shared commitment to disease and injury prevention which is concerned with the physical, mental and social health of children from birth to young adulthood. The departments of Paediatrics and public health have successfully collaborated on a variety of children’s health. Paediatrics deals with the biological, social and environmental consequence on the developing child which differ the children from adults anatomically, physiologically, immunologically, psychologically, developmentally, and metabolically.

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Session on: Health and Medicine

               We usually think that health and medicine are in individual terms but it has a relation between them. Health is a complex concept which involves not just the soundness of a person’s body but also the state of a person’s physical, mental and social well-being. Medicine is the social institution that involves both to prevent, diagnose and treat illness in order to promote health.

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Session on: Alternative Health Care Medicine

Alternative Health Care is the treatment that is used instead of standard medical treatments. Alternative Health care can also be termed as Complementary therapy that is a wide range of treatments exists under the umbrella term complementary therapy that includes alternatives therapy, alternative medicine, holistic therapy and traditional medicine. Alternative health care therapy is a treatment which is used instead of conventional medicines that has no scientific or medical evidence for many of these therapies which may be unsafe or cause harmful side effects.

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Session on: Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexual and reproductive health is an essential component of the universal right to the highest attainable standard of physical, mental and social well-being in all matters relating to the reproductive system. Sexual and reproductive health needs must be met for both men and women, it implies that people are able to have a satisfying and safe sex life, the capability to reproduce, and the freedom to decide if, when, and how often to do so and have the opportunity to actively participate in the development of health care policy and in individual care decisions which includes determining whether and when to have children and in protecting the rights of others to sexual and reproductive health, including through ensuring violence-free relationships.

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Session on: Maternal, Infant and Child Health

Maternal and Child Health addresses the health and lives of pregnant and reproductive age women, infants, children and adolescents, including children and youth with special health care needs. Maternal, Infant and Child Health take a wide range approach to disease prevention and health promotion to provide benefits across the life-span. Healthy women give birth to healthier babies who grow to be healthier children, adolescents and adults.

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Related Associations and Societies: National Institutes of Health [NIH] | US Food and Drug Administration | The Joint Commission | National Institute of Mental Health | Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services | American Cancer Society | American College of Physicians

Session on: Adolescent & Young Adults Health

            The largest statistical change has resulted in the present population of adolescents and young adults which is characterized by major changes in the body and brain, the years from 12-24 are a highly dynamic period of human development. Beyond being an important period of human development, adolescence is a time of changing health needs which is especially in relation to the onset of new health risk behaviour. Adolescence is the period during which individuals acquire the physical, cognitive, emotional, social and economic resource that are the foundations for later life health and well-being.

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Session on: Family Planning

The benefits of family planning go beyond the bound in improving maternal and child health. Family planning can play a vital role in the reduction of infant, child, and maternal morbidity and mortality in order to protect the women from the risk of pregnancy and its associated complications. Family planning can also reduce abortions by unskilled providers or under unhygienic conditions by preventing unwanted or mistimed pregnancies. The family planning can result in better employment, higher socio-economic status, higher educational achievement, and delegation for girls and women.

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Related Associations and Societies: Adventist Development and Relief Agency | Occupational Safety and Health Administration | Australian Red Cross | FHI 360 | Brien Holden Vision Institute | Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality | CARE Australia

Session on: Oral Health

Oral health is the key which touches every form of our lives and our mouth is a window into the health of our body. It can show signs of nutritional inadequacy or regular infection. Research on oral health provide information to improve health outcomes and it is an indispensable tool in health policy which is used for diagnosis and surgical treatment of oral cavity and oral manifestations of systemic disease and these diseases which affect the entire body may first become apparent because of mouth injuries or other oral problems.

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Related Associations and Societies: Burnet Institute | American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists | Brain & Behavior Research Foundation | International Women's Development Agency | SANE Australia | Lifeline Australia | Endocrine Society

Session on: Mental Health

Mental disorders include our emotional, psychological, and social well-being which affects how we think, feel and act and places a huge burden on individuals, their families and society more widely. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood and helps to determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Over the course of life, if we experience mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, thinking, mood, and behavior could be affected.

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Session on: Disease Management

Disease management is the concept of reducing health care costs which are designed to improve quality of life for individuals with chronic conditions and reduce associated costs from avoidable complications by identifying and treating chronic conditions more quickly and effectively which slow down the progression of those diseases. Disease Management empowers individuals. Working with other health care providers to manage their disease and prevent complications

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Session on: Non-Communicable Diseases

Environmental Health comprises those aspects of human health, including quality of life which addresses all the physical, chemical and biological factors external to a person and all the related factors impacting behaviors. It includes the assessment and control of those environmental factors that can potentially affect health. It is the field of science that is targeted towards preventing disease and creating health-supportive environments studies

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Session on: Emergency Medicine

Emergency Healthcare is a fundamental part of the health system and serves as the primary point of contact for many people around the world. Emergency Health Service refers to the treatment and transport of people in crisis health situations that may be life-threatening. Emergency Health Support is applied in a wide variety of situations from car accidents to incidents of the Heart attack. Emergency health services are staffed by trained medical professionals, called as Emergency Medical Technicians. Ambulances are the most common provider of Emergency Health Service operations. Federal regulations specify that ambulances be staffed with two workers with a minimum of Basic Life Support training.

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Session on: Health Communication and Health Information Technology

Efficient utilization of healthcare technology and communication by public health professionals can bring about an age of and public-centered and patient-centered health information and services. Health Communication and Information technology consider a variety of channels which includes digital tools and services used to enhance patients’ self-care and to distribute its focused messages to particular portions among varied audiences, including communities, health professionals, policymakers. The scope of health communication incorporates health promotion, health care policy, disease promotion, and healthcare business as well as the improvement of the quality of life and health of individuals within the community.

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Session on: Health Care Innovation

Health care innovation represents the implementation of newly improved products, services or processes which encompasses the design, invention, development, and/or implementation of new products, services, processes, systems, organizational structures for the purpose of creating new service for customers and financial returns. Over the past decades, Health care has experienced an explosion of innovations which is designed to improve life expectancy and quality of life.

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Session on: Health Economics

Health economics is an important field and one of the many disciplines that is used to analyze issues of health and healthcare by using economic concepts and methods to explain how people make decisions regarding their health behaviors and it is specified as one of the sets of analytical methods labeled Health Services Research. Health economics is the application of economic theory, models and empirical techniques which are essential for the analysis of decision-making by health care workers, health and medical professionals, health policymakers with respect to health and health care

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Session on: Social Determinants of Health

Social Determinants of Health is well understood by social, economic, and behavioral factors that influence the trajectory of one’s health significantly. Personal characteristics, Economic resources, Built environment, and adverse experiences are the main factors which include in Social Determinants of Health. Decades of research have shown that social determinants of health which are non-medical factors such as income, housing, and access to healthy food - play vital roles that influence health outcomes. Drawing on our skill in management and quality improvement, we study how health care and social services organizations work together to meet the interrelated medical and social needs of individuals.

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Market Analysis

Global health care expenditures are expected to increase from 2.4% to 7.5% between 2015 and 2020 that is equal to the market value of US $7 trillion to the US $8.7 trillion respectively.

The requirement for health care is set to grow rapidly over the medium to long-term. Between 2015-2050, the total worldwide population will grow by 7.3 billion to 9.7 billion.

Population growth is currently at 0.8% per annum for 2010 to 2020, faster than any other decade in recent history.

World Health Day is celebrated on April 7 which was introduced by World Health Organization in order to concrete steps to advance health for all that ensures everyone everywhere can access essential quality health services without facing financial hardship.

Per cent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) spent on world health care should also rise slightly, from an estimated 10.4% in 2015 to 10.5% in 2020.

Global Healthcare Drivers

By the year 2020, 50% of global health care expenditures about $4 trillion will be spent on three leading causes of death: Cardiovascular diseases, Cancer, and Respiratory Diseases.

The number of diabetic patients is expected to rise from the present 415 million to 642 million by the year 2040.

HIV-AIDS continues to affect 36.9 million people worldwide, around 70% of them living in Sub-Sahara Africa. The Zika virus and associated improvements in microcephaly are major threats in Latin America.

Prevalence of dementia is projected to increase in every part of the world and is anticipated to double every 20 years, reaching 74.7 million by 2030.

Ageing population (> 65 yrs old) will increase by 8%, from 559 million in 2015 to 604 million in 2020.

Global Health Care IT Market is approximated to attain $382 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 13.4% between 2016 and 2024. IT services in health care are mostly used to support
patients database through advanced software. The complete database of patients is recorded by the software which can be searched immediately in an emergency. Rising consumer awareness towards enhanced 
health  care facilities has increased the growth of health care IT market. Rising tendency of home health care among patients have also increased the selection of IT service.

The framework shows per capita health expenditures for 2008 in U.S. dollars purchasing power equality. Health spending per capita in the United States is much higher than in other countries at least $2,535 dollars, or 51%, higher than Norway, the second largest per capita spender. Moreover, the United States spends nearly double the average $3,923 for the 15 countries.

While a rising GDP per capita is associated with elevated health spending, the United States is an outlier, spending more than similarly wealthy countries. 

List of few Healthcare associations in World:

World Medical Association
Medical Technology Association
Australian Healthcare & hospitals association
Alberta Medical Association
European Medical student’s Association
National Medical Association
Philippine Association of National Advertisers
American Medical Association
The International Association of Healthcare Professionals
International Federation of Medical Students Associations

Healthcare Universities around the Globe:

Mc Gill University
University of Kentucky
University College Dublin
University of South Florida
Globe University
Indiana University
New Castle University
The University of Edinburgh
George Town University
Oklahoma State University
The College of Health Care Professions
Oregon Health & Science University
University of Bristol
Harvard University
Cambridge University
Monash University
University of Sydney
University of Melbourne
Deakin University
University of Queensland
Tasmania University

Intended Audience
Healthcare Organizations, Healthcare Societies /NGO’s, Healthcare companies, Hospitals, Medical Scientists, Doctors, Physicians, Nurses, University Professors, Research scholars, Medical and Healthcare Students, Pharmaceutical Companies, Health care insurance firms, and Policymakers on health

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Past Conference Report

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and thank all of our wonderful keynote Speakers, Speakers, Organizing Committee Members, Moderators, conference attendees, students, associations, media partners, exhibitors and guests for their elegant speeches and for making Health 2018 a successful and memorable event.

AAC hosted the joint event of International Conference on Health Care and Health Management and International Conference on Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology during August 27-28, 2018 at Renaissance Heathrow London Hotel with the theme “A Global Review and Forecast on Healthcare Management” and “Exploring Cardiological Research and Innovations”.

Health 2018 was marked with multiple sessions, keynote presentations and panel discussions by the attendance of young and brilliant researchers, business delegates and elegant doctors and professors representing more than 12 countries, who have led this conference as one of the most successful and productive events in 2018.

The Conference was initiated with a warm opening ceremony video. The proceedings went through interactive sessions and panel discussions headed by Honorable Moderator Dr Jorge Zafra, Zafra Medical, the UK  for the Conference.

The meeting was carried out through various sessions, in which the discussions were held on the following major scientific tracks:

·        Health Care
Emergency Health
Nursing in Health Care
Disease Management
Mental Health
Health Care in Women Health
Health Care in Medicine

The conference proceedings were carried out through various Scientific-sessions and plenary lectures, of which the following Speakers were highlighted as Keynote speakers:

·       Vance Shaffer | Tube-EvacTM | USA
Jorge Zafra | Zafra Medical | UK
Hiroko Tadaura | International University of Health and Welfare | Japan
Rachna Chhachhi | Oxford College | UK
Xiushan Wu | College of Life Sciences, Hunan Normal University | China
Sue Peacock | Well aHead | UK
Aljuhara Tha’ar Almarzoog | KFSH & RC | KSA

AAC has taken the privilege of felicitating the Organizing Committee, Keynote Speakers who supported the success of this event. Health 2018 Organizing Committee congratulates the awardees for their outstanding performance in the field of Health Care and Health Management and appreciates all the participants who put their efforts in presentations and sincerely wishes them success in future endeavors.  

With the unique feedback from the Conference, AAC would like to announce the commencement of the 2nd International Conference on Health Care and Health Management.

Bookmark your dates: We hope to see you at Health 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland during April 08-09, 2019.

Let us meet again @ Health 2019

For more information please visit Health 2018 Past Conference Report Page: Click Here

Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Vance Shaffer
Florida, USA
OCM Member
President, CEO, Healthcare
Charter Oak Health Center, Inc.
Indiana, USA
OCM Member
Hiroko Tadaura
International University of Health and Welfare
Tokyo, Japan
OCM Member
Danielle Riverin-Simard
McGill University
Saint Hyacinthe, Canada
OCM Member
Hadi Eltonsi
Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.
cairo, Egypt
OCM Member
Mr. Alejandro De la Parra Solomon
Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder at RegenerAge Clinic / Senior Partner at WAMS
Mexico, USA
OCM Member
Dr. John Ebnezar
Orthopedic Surgeon, Department of Orthopedics
Indian Medical Association
Bengaluru, India
OCM Member
Gizem Beycan Ekitli
Ege University
 Bornova, Turkey
Renowned Speakers

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Conference Date April 8-9, 2019
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Zurich, Switzerland

Conference Dates: April 8-9, 2019

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